10 Technologies to be Used in Automobiles in the Future

10 Technologies to be Used in Automobiles in the Future

Automobiles can be described as a passion for many people. Are you one of those excited about the vehicle technologies of the future?

Your vehicle may not be luxurious enough to carry these technologies, but many vehicles will have these technologies in the future whether you are or not. Cars are getting safer and more technological every year.

The innovations made in most cars are not limited to the engine and body. In the beginning, the purpose of using cars was to get from point A to point B. Today, however, automobile use is used for purposes such as driving pleasure and entertainment as well as transportation.

Here are 10 technologies for future vehicles that will maximize your driving pleasure.

1. Health Monitor

Automobile accidents are still among the accidents with a very high death rate. Many accidents can occur due to reasons such as people falling asleep while driving or having health problems at the beginning of the vehicle.

In the future, vehicles will make it possible to monitor the health status of people who drive. Today, this is applied in some luxury cars.

2. A Car That Runs Without a Driver

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about this technology by now. Although Tesla cars are used a little today, this rate will be much higher in the future.

Self-driving cars will be able to drive without a driver using a combination of GPS, laser, visual and other sensors. Most of the cars in this space will be electric cars.

Technologies to be Used in Automobiles in the Future

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3. Various Applications

Today, cars are increasingly putting their entertainment aspects to the fore. Companies like Apple and Google create their own system for car displays. Many cars will start using these apps once enough cars start using their software.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency may not seem like a future technology. However, the importance of efficient use of fuel is increasing day by day. Fuel expenses make up 20-30% of total vehicle expenses.

Imagine that this expense is quite low, for example, you fill your gas tank only once a year. This app will take place in the future. According to the regulation published in the USA, cars sold in the country must have a fuel efficiency of 54 MPG by 2025.

5. Self-Healing Paint

Self-healing dyes are used today. However, the costs of these paints are somewhat high. If there is a scratch on your vehicle, repairing it requires many actions today.

Although automobile companies have not yet included this invention in their systems for economic reasons, this system will begin to be used in automobiles in the advanced stages of technology.

6. Fabric Material

This material has already been used by BMW. The outer surface of this car is almost covered with a fabric and the shape of the fabric can change. This fabric used in automobiles has a very flexible structure. Your car doesn’t have to have the same shape, and it can change shape when you get bored.

At the same time, these vehicles do not have problems such as scratches or fading of the paint. In the future, this fabric outer surface used in BMW will be used in many cars.

7. Biometric Key

I lost the key, where is the spare key?

Such discourses will become history in the future. Soon your body will become the key to your vehicle. Many cars these days are unlocked with the key remote.

In the future, you will not need to use such a device to start your car. Just like phones that use fingerprints, cars will soon start to work with fingerprints. You will be able to start your vehicle with your fingerprint without using any keys.

8. HUD Indicator

Future cars will enjoy maximum driving safety alongside current cars. The HUD screen, which will be located in the cars, will provide all information about the road to the driver from a screen in the front. Currently, HUD screens are already in use. But future HUD screens will contain much more information than current ones and will be more useful than current ones.

9. Driver Assistance Systems

No matter how popular self-driving cars are, there will be a serious group of people who will not want to give up the pleasure of driving. However, these drivers will be able to get serious help from the computer.

In the future, technologies will make it possible for the car to be aware of the entire environment and react without the driver’s consent. This will prevent accidents due to possible problems that the driver is not aware of.

10. Vehicle-Vehicle Communication

Accidents in which vehicles collide with each other are among the types of accidents frequently encountered in traffic. Thanks to the technologies to be developed in the future, the vehicles will be in communication with each other and will be able to warn each other to prevent accidents such as collisions. In the future, accidents involving cars will become a thing of the past.

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