What is Enigma Machine? How Does Enigma Work?

What is Enigma Machine?

Enigma, first produced by a German engineer named Arthur Scherbius, is an electro-mechanical encoded communication machine. Its use was evaluated for commercial purposes as it was started after WW1. However, in the aftermath of World War II, Germany was used in military and government services and had great benefits.

Enigma Usage

Enigma models, which are used by Nazi Germany, are much more advanced. Because of its complex encryption systems, it was preferred to send military information. In order to solve the device used in the transfer of strategic plans, experts from different countries were trained in this process, while at the same time, the emergence of the technological devices used today was the same.

Why was Enigma used?

In the Enigma machine, which consists of some electronic mechanical components, the parts are in the form of an electrical cycle. The difference between the letter and the letter is related to the electrical path. Because of this, it is seen during World War II that vital information is highly important when submitting highly confidential information. After each letter entered, one of the rotors in the mechanism, or in some cases, a change of some of them is related to the mode of encryption. The continuous change of the encryption style makes it impossible to find it with the combinations to be made.

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Enigma Password Solving

In the last months of 1932, Marian Rejewski, an expert at the Polish Cipher Bureau, tried to solve the Enigma machine to gain knowledge with the German Army. It has been successful in the solution of minimum messages with the use of permutations as a result of long-term operations. However, the actual letters were not reached because the encryption method was not known, so the actual messages could not be seen. It is known that in the years that followed, various attempts were made by the French.

While the process of creating a password with French support by the Poles, the Germans’ passwords was also broken. However, this process did not last long since it had a large cost burden. However, as a result of the dissolution of various messages about the German Army, the British have begun to achieve great success. Then the British started a study and tried to solve this information. You may have heard of Alan Turing. Alan Turing successfully solved the work of Enigma and the advancement of the German army with the sharing of this information is known, the course of World War II has been changed.

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What are the Features of Enigma?

In addition to having a complex cryptographic structure, the continuous change of encryption methods prevents the messages sent through the Enigma machine from being exposed. Particularly during the war played an important role on the Enigma, the German commanders were able to communicate in a very comfortable way and quickly conveyed the necessary information. With the encryption method developed by the experts, the cycle of entering letters and the resulting letters is always different. American decoders played a role in solving this situation and the emergence of the computer device was also this way.

With the use of the probability calculator device, access to the encrypted messages sent via Enigma has been provided. The existence of different password systems and algorithm structures gives insight into the Enigma device with extensive features. Of course, rotors come at the forefront of the use of the Enigma device. each rotor is 10 cm in diameter and is referred to as the disc. The side-by-side rotors transmit electrical current through the pins. While the most important component is the electrical cycle and the subsequent letter entry, encryption is provided. Another cipher that makes a mark on history is the Caesar Cryptography used by Julius Caesar.

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