What is an Intranet?

What is an Intranet?

An intranet is a private network created within an institution or firm. The main goal of intranets is to provide uninterrupted cooperation and communication between the employees of the institution. The intranet is basically just like the internet. Information about the institution or the company can be followed through the intranet. However, access to this information remains within the boundaries of the company. In addition, intranets do not have to be connected to the internet.

What Does an Intranet Do?

We can mention the following regarding what the intranet system does in institutions or businesses:

  • With the intranet system, information exchange within the organization always takes place more securely. In this way, the information about your institution can never be passed on to someone outside of the institution.
  • You can easily perform accounting transactions on the intranet system.
  • The human resources department can work in a more qualified way with the intranet system.
  • You can easily integrate automation and production software into your systems.
  • You can socialize the employees in your organization and improve cooperation among employees.
  • You can keep the data related to your company in your database and distribute the necessary documents with a single click.
  • By providing remote access, you can monitor whether the internal workflow is progressing correctly or ensure that it is followed up.
  • By creating workgroups, you can enable your employees to work more efficiently.
  • You can try your own system whenever you want.
  • You can create a much more professional control system in stock, supply, and distribution.
  • You can shorten the orientation process of newly recruited employees and ensure that this process is efficient.

This system may have an interface that will provide tools and information, project timelines, work schedules, task lists, messaging tools used to communicate between employees, and confidential files. In addition, you can ensure that only authorized employees can access some information. In addition, thanks to this system, you can easily manage information from a single center.

What Does the Intranet Host?

The intranet system contains some data. These data are as follows:

  • Institutional data,
  • Telephone and address books,

Detailed graphics and information about marketing, competitor, distribution and market,

  • Information on hardware and software,
  • Publications and explanations of your institution,
  • Internal vacancies information,
  • Human Resources,
  • Discussion forum,

Training and orientation process,

  • Various working groups,

Joint business programs,

Document distribution and sharing,

  • Production process,
  • Virtual shopping,
  • New documentation systems,

Service and support,

Teleconferencing between the staff of the institution,

  • Supplier relations and information about suppliers are data contained in the intranet system.

With the intranet system, you can make your company more corporate. Because the intranet system offers effective solutions to companies so that your staff can work more efficiently and your work becomes more professional and systematic.

What are the Details to Consider Before Setting Up the Intranet Network and Software?

The intranet is a software released by many companies around the world. This software solves big problems in different areas. However, some institutions may need special software of their own, in such cases, ready-made software may be insufficient, although they are economical. In this respect, the needs should be determined very well before making the transition to such software.

Since some of the successful and developed intranet software is produced abroad, it is designed as an English interface. For this, the grammar of the staff who will use this interface must be considered. The translation of software with Turkish translation should be strictly controlled.

The modules should also be examined well before moving on to the intranet software. In other words, the efficiency and usability of the modules should be tested. Therefore, a demo must be requested.

Even if a special software belonging to the institution will be prepared, meetings should be held at every stage of the software. In addition, a support agreement must be made immediately after the intranet software is delivered. Because this agreement is a measure taken against unexpected troubles.

What are the Advantages of Intranet for Institutions?

Intranet system; It is a network created to distribute information resources to every employee within the organization with the use of internet resources. This system has emerged with the success of e-mail applications in business life.

The advantages of the intranet system for institutions are as follows:

  • Cost is an extremely important issue for companies. With the intranet system, you can facilitate the flow of information and at the same time save money and time in information communication.
  • Today, employees in the business world can work away from the office. In addition, the rate of mobile usage is quite high for company needs. Your employees need to use an economical communication tool to communicate with your office. In this regard, the intranet can be used as the most economical communication tool.
  • Today, changes are happening very quickly in all sectors and companies. Therefore, your personnel, vendors and customers working in your institution; In short, developments can spread rapidly to all stakeholders who are in contact with your organization.
  • Employees in different positions can participate in discussions, ask questions, express their opinions on the major problems of the company. In this sense, you can create a free and transparent environment of expressing thought in your company.

  • Today, customer support has become a fundamental element in determining the marketing strategies of the institutions. If your customers contact the customer support department directly, thanks to the Intranet, professional support can be provided, and complaints can be easily resolved in this context. Thus, the intranet has become extremely important for corporate and professional customer support.
  • Thanks to the intranet system, no problems occur due to the delay of information.
  • Your company’s management level can work much more professionally.
  • Personnel cannot make a claim that they cannot access any information about your company. Since the information requests are detailed and frequent, everyone can easily access the data they will fulfill their responsibilities.


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