Autodesk 123D Circuits: Electronics Circuit Simulation

Autodesk 123D Circuits

If we want to create electronic circuits and test the circuits and codes we write with simulations, that is, without using physical devices, we need to use various simulation programs. These simulations are useful in many ways. We may not have physical electronic devices or buy expensive devices such as an oscilloscope. If there is an error in our circuit that we physically set up by simulating, it may be difficult to find or remove it.

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While we were researching, we came across many simulation programs. Each one was beautiful. But one left the others. Among the simulation programs, the program we found free of charge; it is 123D Circuits program of Autodesk company. This program, which appeared as a program of a large design company like Autodesk, was offered free of charge. We also explained how you can simply sign up and use it at the bottom.

Autodesk 123D Circuits Program

Autodesk 123D Circuits program is used in its site interface. So, as a member of their site, we can use it for free. In this site, we can design our circuits through the breadboard, that is, through this site. Using Arduino, we can program our circuits and test the codes we write.

Join to Autodesk 123D Program

This site offers two options for our first-time friends. You can either subscribe to the site by writing your e-mail address and information or log in to the site via Facebook. We will become a member by entering the e-mail address and information. In the first step, we click on “Sign Up” in the upper-right corner and we will see a window like the one below;

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In the window that opens, we proceed by filling in the required places, and thus, we have made our registration in a standard way. When we log in after our membership, we see the windows that will allow us to simulate in three options. With these options, we see that it is for Electronic circuit simulation, for Circuitscribe equipment, and for PCB construction.

Also, if we go down to the bottom, we can see the work of friends who worked before. If we want to make a new project, we can start our simulation by opening the simulation package we want by clicking the place that says “Create” on the upper-middle side.

We can use this simulation program in our projects. For this reason, I wanted to explain this program as a preview in order to help our friends who will work in this field. In the following articles, we will learn how to circuit and simulate this program together.

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