What is Low Voltage? Where is Low Voltage Used?

What is Low Voltage? Where is Low Voltage Used?

All the power plants showing production in our country are connected to each other by connecting to the interconnected system. Although it can be easily accessed with the help of the sockets in the houses in the house and workplaces, it must be very long distances to reach the point of use of the electricity. Energy production power plants that produce electrical energy are usually installed in remote areas to the settlements. In some areas, there is no established power plant. Therefore, a transmission network is installed in order to deliver the electricity produced to each point of the country. This network is called the electrical network.

All the power plants showing production in our country are connected to each other by connecting to the interconnected network system. In this way, the energy generated is delivered to the entire country independently of the production site. Transmission networks to the networks used in the transmission of electricity are called distribution networks and networks used in the distribution. In order to produce and distribute without interruptions, these networks must be very well planned. For this reason, different voltage levels are used in electrical transmission and distribution to move both losses and safely to remote the electricity.

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The voltage levels used in the electrical networks are sorted as Low Voltage Networks (0 to 1 KV) Medium Voltage Networks (1KV – 35KV) High voltage networks (35kv – 154kv) Very high voltage networks (154kv and above) Low-voltage Voltage with voltage or another name is the potential difference between the two ends of a conductor. The voltage between 1 and 1000V is called low voltage. To convey electrical energy and move to longer distances, the low voltage is insufficient. Since the low voltage is a power drop and the losses are higher, the voltage level is increased to long distances without loss of the electricity. The voltage of the voltage is reduced by the transformers in the distribution zone, and the low voltage level is delivered to the housing and workplaces.

Where is the low voltage used?

In our country, the voltage of the energy we use in daily life in houses is 220V and the voltage of the three-phase alternative current used in the industry is 380V. When the voltage increases, isolation, and safety measures are difficult, but it is also difficult to operate electrical devices to operate in high voltage, the low voltage between 110V – 380V is used to run electrical devices. Electrical devices are also manufactured to be used at this voltage level. Electronic devices usually operate at the correct current and lower voltage levels. Therefore, adapters are used in these devices that turn the mains voltage correctly and reducing voltage.

What are the low voltage products?

In low voltage systems and installations, it is necessary to use electric, mechanical and electromechanical equipment for many activities such as security, control, switching. Low voltage products such as electrical switches, auto fuses, circuit breakers, leakage current relays, surge arrestors are used in residences. In the networks, industrial and industrial facilities, reactive power control relays and auxiliary equipment, energy meters, energy analyzers, measuring devices, load separators, circuit breakers, contactors, motor protection switches, relays, contactors, motive protection switches, relays, road transmitters, such as low-voltage products, such as road transmitters, safety, and production quality.

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