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Elon Musk –  Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Neuralink

Elon Musk, south of the equator line; Calendars were showing 28 June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. With the warm winds of the winter season, a couple of eyes would say hello to the world. Canadian and South African genes came together in one body. The name of the baby that was born was decided; Elon, Elon Musk.

Canadian Maye (mother of Elon Musk) came to South Africa by making a big decision and shaped her life here. She was a dietitian and model, giving birth to her should have been a big decision for her. Errol (father of Elon Musk) was an electromechanical engineer, pilot and sailor.

Elon Musk’s childhood life

SpaceX: A Journey from Zero to Success

The woman she loved was born where she was born and brought three more children to her. After their first child, Elon, Kimbal (1972) and Tosca (1974) joined them as new members of the family. However, one way or another, Maye and Errol decided to separate their lives, and this shocking decision resulted in the divorce that took place in 1980. Although this was the first trauma Elon Musk would experience in his childhood life, it would not be the last.

Elon was an introverted, quiet, calm child. She was keeping her eyes shut, hushing, not talking. However, nobody knew what they were living in. Her mother was beginning to fear her silence. He took him to the doctors, worrying that he had a mental problem. They first thought that they could not hear, and hoped that this problem would be solved with the large meat surgery. But there was something they didn’t know, Elon heard.

Even doctors, who no longer understand the cause of this condition, began to worry. Time has passed, it has become clear that over the past few years there was only one reason; Elon Musk was a dreamer, a strict dreamer. His mother Maye wanted to express these days in a few words; “It was as if his mind would move to another universe. I am not going to deal with it anymore, because at such times I make sure that he is designing a new rocket or something similar.

The difficulties he experienced during his school years grew like an avalanche with his silence. Perhaps silence was beating the fears in people. That is why people do not like silence, and quiet. As Elon was silent, they were going more and more. This; As an endless face of the traumas he had experienced, he would be engraved in his little heart.

Elon Musk’s First Commercial Initiative

It was a difficult time that evolved not only mentally but also physically. They beat him. One day, a few hands she did not know when she was at school pushed her down the stairs. It was as if they had beat him with all their might as if he wanted him to die. Elon was in the hospital when he opened his eyes, perhaps the pain in his heart was heavier than what he felt in his body.

It was so battered that she would have to have surgery from the septum area, which was deformed at the age of 41 due to the permanent damage she left. That’s why Elon, who was reading his books, was just reading without stopping and talking. She was just 9 years old, she took the encyclopedia of Britannica, which was catching her eye in one of the days when she hadn’t left anything to read at home, and she swallowed all the words.

Perhaps he had laid the foundations of his achievements that were unaware of his works that would make a sound in the world years later with these books. A lot of ants in his head were constantly working to produce innovations.

One day he took a book that taught BASIC programming language. He did not sleep, eat, communicate. At the end of the past 3 days, the book literally settled in his brain. So he would say hello to something else that would change his life; A Commodore VIC-20 with 5 kilobytes of RAM.

The year 1983 was 12 years old when he decided to implement the information he processed in Elon’s memory. He took his first step with the passion of software he grew up in; Game named Blastar. A magazine called PC and Office Technology counted exactly $ 500 USD to Elon to publish the codes of the game.

This was the first money he earned, perhaps the most memorable of the fortunes he would earn later. Yes, there were so many iconic games such as Tetris, King’s Quest, Paperboy, Elite that are indispensable; Blastar was a bit dull alongside these games. Elon Musk, however simple, defended his first eye pain, saying he did a better job than Flappy Bird.

He started his high school life at Bryanston High School. The eighth and ninth grades have passed. He graduated from here, deciding to continue other years of high school at Pretoria Boys High School. As she got older, she realized that she could not fit within her borders.

“It’s where the great things are possible.” was defined as.

Who is Elon Musk?

Year 1988, Elon was now 17 years old. He began to look for a way out to achieve the successes he had created in his dreams. There was only one remedy, to go far from South Africa. It was now the age to join the South African army. This was nothing more than a waste of time for his plans for the future. The fact that he was facing encouraged him to go far. There was no time to think. The route was determined, it would spread its wings towards America, which decorated its dreams. “It’s where the great things are possible.” was defined as. Maybe it was the first stop he arrived in space travel.

After her mother and father divorced, she lived with her mother for a while with her siblings. However, despite his young age, he was a mature enough child to think about his father. He would not be willing to be alone. Later, he decided to move with his father, although this decision led him to regret later, his weight in his conscience was less.

Ultimately, all the memories that had accumulated on the borders of South Africa would be buried in the ground. His father did not listen to him, but he did not listen. His plan was clear in his mind, his mother was a Canadian citizen, and it was of course his right to take advantage of Canada’s opportunities.

The year 1992 was the calendar when Elon was able to cross its borders. He was now a Canadian citizen. When he arrived at the territory of his new home, his first job was to continue his education life and then he enrolled at the Queens University in Ontario, which is located in the Elat. The education life here did not take as long as he thought, two years later he decided to change his course to other areas. He was a dreamy man, hungry for knowledge, just like in his childhood. Maybe that’s why he never managed to fit in his container. The second stop of his nomadic life was Pennsylvania, where great things are possible.

Elon, who left Canada to study business and physics, decided to continue his remaining education life at the University of Pennsylvania. He was not satisfied with reading and learning. Moving in one line was not for Elon Musk. As a result of his efforts, he received an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania Whartoon School.

However, this was only one of the diplomas he received. He gradually climbed the steps of the ladder that succeeded with a minor in diploma in physics from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences. His mind was literally illuminated by the light of science. Physics, on the other hand, was an indispensable area of ​​interest that he connected with passion.

HE IS; He was a university student who left his homeland and left his whole life behind. He was also strong enough to face the difficulties he had. He wanted to achieve his dreams that he was following at any cost.

There was nothing he could not do for these dreams. The insufficient financial means did not deter him. There must have been a solution for everything in his life, of course. Elon started organizing home parties for university students who want to have fun like crazy to earn money.

This was not something to be ashamed of, but the key to the financial resources needed to strengthen his steps. He made a living with the $ 5 he received as an entrance fee in the parties he organized. He took his work so seriously that it was not seen that he had taken a drop of alcohol throughout the party because he did not want things to happen.

Perhaps the shortest doctoral education in world history

Year 1995; After college years, after Pennsylvania, the compass showed another stop, California’s Silicon Valley. Elon moved to Silicon Valley by breaking the order he established for his PhD. He wanted to progress in the field of Applied Physics and Materials Science. He started his doctorate. But this step was the beginning of the end. This was perhaps the beginning of the record as the shortest doctoral education in world history.

His education, which he continued only for 2 days, was unfinished. The brother of this incident was responsible for his brother Kimbal Musk. Her job offer to Elon led her to other dreams. The desire of the success he had experienced in his dreams for years and the earnings he would have had eaten. He made an important start in his career life with the Zip2 project, an online content publishing software that he started with his brother Elon, who stopped his education life by listening to the voice of his desire.

They invested all their capital, whatever they had, for this project. 28,000 dollars could not be underestimated, there was only one option. At the end of the project they were launched with the entrepreneurial spirit, they would either win or win. They did not have a single meter in their pockets. They stayed in the office they held because they did not have a roof to lay their heads, they were lying on the sofa because they had no beds to lie on, and they even took advantage of the facilities offered by charities to take a shower. They hardly slept during the day.

All they did was work, work and work. While they were dealing with the organization of the website during the day, they were working on the codings at night. And the result of these efforts was gradually beginning to bear fruit.

Zip2 project

Year 1999; At the end of the last 4 years, Zip2 project grew with the efforts of Elon and his brother, and eventually began to signal on the radar of large companies. After that, it was time to get the money and time spent.

Compaq’s AltaVista unit bought this project for $ 307 million in cash and $ 34 million in stock. And Elon has earned exactly $ 22 million from this sale. This was an irreplaceable excitement for the Musk brothers. It was time to embrace the return of their patience, perseverance, and passion.

Everything was developing at an unstoppable pace now. In March 1999, Elon was making the second leap in his career with the founding of X.com, an online finance and payment service. He invested $ 10 million of his earned $ 22 million for X.com. Everything was going well, a year has passed since his last investment, while he was happy to put the thoughts in his mind into action.

X.com now merged with the company Confinity, which includes Peter Thiel and Max Levchin’s team. The focus was on Confinitiy’s money transfer solutions. Elon has started to take his name everywhere with the gain of his sweat-fighting endeavors. Her mind conceiving new ideas was working without stopping. In this context, it was an important issue to establish and develop a person-to-person payment platform within the Confinity sub-brand X.com.

At the end of a snap, Elon arrived at the age of 29. He was devoted to his job with love, the passion in him ignited him. However, this love was not enough for his heart, in which he collected great desires. Although she was a busy man, the woman who came across reminded her that she was almost human.

This woman was fantastic book writer Justine. Their acquaintance was based on university years. The time they spent together was no longer enough, in 2000 they crowned their tie with the vow of marriage.

Elon Musk Online Payment Platform Established PayPal

Elon, who gained his entrepreneurship identity with the beautiful attributes he gained in his business life, also added the title of father to his crowded life. However, the happiness he experienced turned into such a pain that a new one was added to the traumas he had engraved when he was young. Her first child, 10 weeks old, died with sudden infant death syndrome.

It would not be easy to get over it. Despite the suffering, the twin and triplet children opened their eyes to the world in the marriage relationship that continued. New lives were flourishing in the shadow of the ending life. Nevertheless, Justine and Elon decided to end their love in 2008, perhaps because of the trauma they experienced, or perhaps because of other unknown reasons. Although the excitement of the love they carry in their hearts is gone, their respect for each other has never been lost.

Elon had not lost his passion for his work once during his 8 years of marriage. By incorporating Confinity, an auction system in the year of marriage, it created PayPal, the online payment platform, which is now worth $ 70 billion.

Elon Musk was now in the circle of an unstoppable force. He laid the foundations of his success until today with the CEO of PayPal he founded. Nevertheless, this power he could not escape was stuck in the obstacle of the conflicts.

Tensions started to increase with the replacement of PayPal’s Unix-based infrastructure to be Microsoft-based. Elon was able to go to Australia with his wife by taking the opportunity from these tensions. However, an unexpected news managed to drag him into tension, albeit in other skies. As a result of the pressures Levchin put on the board of directors, he was taken from the CEO of Elon.

Peter Thiel was the one who was appointed instead. Elon Musk was an important name on the board of directors, although he was no longer a CEO. Things weren’t going bad anyway. When eBay bought PayPal with a $ 1.5 billion deal in 2002, Musk’s 11.7 PayPal stake earned him $ 165 million. Perhaps this indispensable figure was the occasion for all the beautiful works that have been signed. Elon would spend the money he got from the world he had dreamed of since his childhood.

SpaceX Organization

Year 2002, months to June. Elon was approaching step by step to reach the floor of space inside the fantasy window that appeared on his head. His first job was to set up SpaceX, where he was still CEO and CTO. Perhaps the only purpose of his entrepreneurship until today was to obtain financial resources, and thanks to the dazzling figures he obtained, he would provide opportunities to reach beyond his dream world.

Elon knew that the human race would surely go out one day. He was carrying a wide range of rich memory out of the world. He believed that multi-planet life was the right measure for what would threaten the survival of the human race. Space should be discovered one way or another, the games on the galaxy should change one way or another. And he would be the modifier of this game. Thus, SpaceX stepped inside the threshold of unlimited success.

The launch vehicles they produced were developing and growing like a baby. Considering that the stable state of rocket technology should be improved, they produced the launch vehicles Falcon1 and Flacon9. Elon, who wanted to reach beyond the world, was now impatient. Then they named the first spacecraft they produced, Dragon. The company was preparing to perform 12 flights for the International Space Station. For this, NASA decided to reward the company with a $ 1.6 million agreement.

Elon knew very well that he was on the right track, the astronaut knew the knitting tools they knew to carry the value they deserved. And on May 25, 2012, the first eye pain Dragon managed to enter the International Space Station. SpaceX, as the company that sent and approached vehicles for the first time here, made its mark in history.

The first manned flight

In a statement he made in 2011, Elon said that he would send people to Mars after 10 years. While making this statement, he was unaware that he would perform the first manned flight trial with the space shuttle he designed in 2020 named “Crew Dragon”. Although the rocket they plan to launch into space on May 27 was canceled due to weather conditions, it seemed that it would not give up.

After 3 days, a private company sent people into space for the first time on 30 May 2020. It was around 15.22. Launched with the Falcon-9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, Crew Dragon was on a unique journey with two astronauts. This took its place in history as one of the important firsts SpaceX signed.

Musk did not hesitate to share the thoughts that led him to the exploration of space from time to time. ” An asteroid or a large volcano can destroy us. We are also facing risks that dinosaurs never saw; an engineered virus, an accidentally created micro black hole, global warming, or a technology that has not yet been brought to our end. The human race has been evolving for millions of years; But in the last 60 years, atomic weapons have created a potential to exhaust ourselves. Sooner or later, we will have to extend life beyond the blue-green ball, or our lineage will be exhausted. ” It was not unfair.

Especially the recent epidemic on the blue-green ball seemed to be an inseparable fact from an engineered virus. With these thoughts fluctuating in his mind, he lived with the dreams he called ” Oasis of Mars ”. He decorated these dreams by thinking about the plants he harvested from the greenhouse he had dried up on the planet Mars, which came alive before his eyes. Elon’s main goal was to achieve the discovery and settlement of Mars.

TESLA: Electric Vehicles

Year 2004; Elon did not seem tired of space travel. He took a big step in Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley-based automotive company, which started operations in 2003 to produce electric vehicles in San Carlos with a team of engineers named Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Having become active with $ 70 million, Tesla Motors was creating earthquakes in the automotive industry. They first entered the market with the electric sports car they produced in 2005.

They managed to attract the expected attention to them, and they continued to produce on the road they drew together with approximately 2500 cars sold in 31 countries. The team was growing like an avalanche with advanced engineers in the field. But things started to wind up. Elon had to assume the CEO of Tesla Motors in 2008 as a result of the business removal policies brought by the economic crisis. Tough days had knocked on their doors.

Musk, who had very troubled times especially due to Tesla’s financial congestion, has run out of money and borrowed money from his wealthy friends. Still, they did not interrupt production. All nightmares in the Christmas of 2008 are left behind.

There was a $ 1.6 million deal signed with NASA. Also, with Elon finding more foreign investors for Tesla, all business was on track. So much so that BMW has become a giant automotive giant that will compete with the big names of the automotive sector, such as Ford, and even surpass those names with a market value of 50 billion dollars.

Elon was driven by the excitement of his private life, which emerged behind these business movements. With the English actress Talullah Riley whom she met immediately after her divorce with Justien, love again took over her entire body. In the 2 years they spent together, their love for each other was flaring. And Elon signed the sanctity of marriage for the second time in 2010. Talullah agreed to live with 5 beautiful children from Elon’s first wife.

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Solar City Company

But the excitement they felt after 2 years passed for unknown reasons has evolved into a sad separation. After this divorce, they could only stay one year apart. The love they carried in them seemed unfinished.

In 2013, they signed it for marriage with the same excitement and enthusiasm. But they couldn’t get it done, there was only one way out of salvation from their deadlock. Divorce. The last time they appeared in 2016, the judge and their hearts vowed not to meet again.

Perhaps Elon would achieve the success he could not achieve in his love life and achieve his success in business life. Although his mind was in the depths of space, he revealed all the beauty he could for the good of the world, which he described as a blue-green ball. Elon’s help was needed to realize the thoughts that his cousins ​​Peter and Lyndon Rive had in mind.

Elon rolled up his sleeves for his cousins, ready to do much more than he could. And SolarCity, which showed its existence in 2006, has been successfully implemented by its cousins ​​as a result of Elon’s concept regarding the solar company. The main purpose of this organization was global warming, which swept the world. They wanted to deal with man-made global problems. Just like Tesla’s story.

Musk Foundation

Elon expressed that in 2012, Tesla Motors and SolarCity cooperated to use electric vehicle batteries to mitigate the electric waves emitted by the solar panels installed on the roof. There was only one reason for Elon under all these efforts, the sensitivity and goodwill he felt towards the environment. He was a man who was happy to share the beautiful thoughts that proliferated with him. He founded the Musk Foundation.

The foundation of this foundation was child health, clean energy and science education. Even the management of X Prize Foundation, which provides information equipment about renewable energy, decided to transfer it to it. He did not profit from any of his works, all he wanted to win was a beautiful heart and a clean world. Elon had membership in many foundations like this, where he accomplished similar goals.

The human order adjusted to the calculation ignored the invisible side of the iceberg when explaining that the fortune Elon Musk had reached over $ 20 billion. While the sweat that has been shed for years and the limitless energy of the effort is not taken into account, the only thing taken into account was the numbers. The more you earn, the more successful you were recorded in public memory.

However, they did not know that success; far beyond the numbers gained, it was in the glory of the kindness that the human heart spread around. And Elon Musk managed to be a beautiful person, earning the most important wealth on earth.

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