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Benjamin Franklin

As an important scientist who lived in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin was also interested in areas such as diplomacy, printing, politics, and writing. In this context, it has become an important name thanks to its scientific studies, political life, discoveries, and contributions to literature. Benjamin Franklin is known as a versatile scientist with his research on many different topics.

Franklin was born in Boston, USA in 1706, and has 16 siblings. Also included are the half-brothers of both mother and father from previous marriages. With his advancing age, he carried out important studies that guide science worldwide. In addition to being among the founders of America with its scientific and political achievements, it has gained an important honor. Even after 200 years after his death, his name is still mentioned in many important points in America.

Benjamin Franklin Life

Born in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin did not start school education until the age of 8 and was engaged in reading, writing, and arithmetic education for a period of 2 years during this period. At the age of 10, he left his school life in order to help his father, engaged in commerce, and engaged in sports as a very good swimmer in childhood. James Franklin, the older brother of Benjamin Franklin, published a liberal newspaper, took his brother with him when he was 12 years old, and helped him to do literature studies by teaching him printing.


Later, Benjamin Franklin opened his own printing house in Philadelphia in 1730 at the age of 24 and started publishing newspapers. In the following years, Benjamin Franklin founded a club called Junto to discuss many topics related to politics, philosophy, science, and business relations. During this club period, while providing aid for libraries and hospitals in America, he also operated as an insurance company against fires.

Benjamin Franklin, on the other hand, was politicized in 1736 when he started to work as the Philadelphia Parliament Secretary. Afterward, Benjamin Franklin, who was elected to the PA assembly in 1750, struggled especially with large families who showed attitude towards land taxes. In the following periods, he became the general manager of the British America Post and provided very important arrangements regarding the postal service.

Benjamin Franklin Works

Benjamin Franklin wrote articles using the name Richard Sounders in the printing house he founded in Philadelphia in 1730. He published these articles in a book called Poor Richard’s Almanac. Also in the following years;

1725-A Thesis on Freedom and Responsibility Pleasure and Effort

1728-Articles on the Rules of Faith and Religion

1729-A Humble Research on the Nature and Necessity of Paper Money

1751-Experiments and Observations on Electricity

1760-Evaluating the Interests of Great Britain Regarding Colonies and Winning Canada and Guadalupe.

There is also a different feature of Benjamin Franklin. He is also the first to publish the Masonic book.

Benjamin Franklin Inventions

Benjamin Franklin, who moved away from his business life at the age of 42 in 1748, started important scientific studies with a few friends. In this context, in his studies with several friends, he ensured the presence of a capacitor as an important invention in electricity. In this context, he proved that lightning was made of electricity. One of the most important points among the inventions made by Benjamin Franklin is the lightning rod. Along with the invention of the lightning rod, one of the most important inventions is to start the clock application in order to make more use of sunlight.

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