What is Deep Sleep (Hypersleep)?

What is Deep Sleep (Hypersleep)? Is Science Fiction Real?

“Hypersleep”, which means long-term sleep or deep sleep, is a situation we have only seen in science fiction movies until now. A person in Hypersleep remains asleep until awakened. This person is also unconscious and remains that way until the awakening process. This sleep could take him years. A person in hypersleep does not wait frozen and dead as in the cryonics project, he breathes and blood circulation continues. It continues to do the things a person does daily, but also produces urine. So, are there people who have slept in hypersleep today, or is this something we only come across in science fiction movies? How does Hypersleep happen and is it possible to do so in the near future?

What is the Importance of Hypersleep?

Hypersleep, if realized, could fall into the world of science like a bomb. Hypersleep does not happen with the freezing method as in the cryonics project. Therefore, it is easier to wake up again with this method. The situation aimed with the Hypersleep method is actually this: if there is a disease that cannot be cured within that time, the patient can wait until the treatment with sleep is found. In this way, since science and technology will progress simultaneously, many problems of patients can be solved. Apart from that, this sleep may also have another purpose. The person may not be satisfied with the period he is in and living in, this may also occur as a result of a psychological decision. People who live in a period of wars and earthquakes may also want to switch to the hypersleep phase. At the same time, a situation that we see in science fiction movies can also happen. Astronauts on their way to distant planets for a mission or purpose can save time by being put to sleep. If the Hyperlsleep method is implemented, it can be used for many purposes.

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Why is Hypersleep Not Possible?

First of all, a chemical or physical effect required to enter the hypersleep phase has not yet been discovered. Although the person can be put to sleep with anesthesia, anesthesia can cause a lot of harm to the patient after a while. Since hypersleep will take days, months or even years, the person cannot be put to sleep with these methods. Apart from this, there is no definite information about how to wake up people who are put to sleep. Even if these people are put into a coma, there is no conclusion on how to wake them up. At the same time, the person will need nutrition as his life continues. Although nutrition can be given through the vein, there is a possibility of gangrene in a person who has a continuous vascular access. If this disease is not gangrene, it may be another disease. A person who is constantly asleep will not be ready to live physically and mentally when he wakes up. It should receive physiological support for a certain period of time. It may be difficult to walk or even talk. In this case, there is no certain information about how soon a person who has been asleep for years can wake up in such situations.

Hypersleep’s Place in Cinema

Hypersleep, or deep sleep, can be seen in many movies. Especially in science fiction and space-themed films, the director resorts to this solution. In general, the astronaut team, which sets out to go to another planet in space for a mission or for travel, puts itself into hypersleep mode after setting off. This is because the journey will take years. Thus, it makes more sense to spend this time asleep instead of waiting for years. Apart from this, the astronauts’ journey, which will take years, may not be enough for the life of the astronauts, so hypersleep is a method frequently used in science – fiction movies. It is possible to see hyperspeepi in many movies so far. The most popular ones are 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Star Trek, Futurama, Demolition Man, Sleeper, The Passengers, The Day of the Triffids, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Although scientists’ research on hypersleep continues, hypersleep does not seem possible today.

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