What are Polarized Lenses? How do Polarized Lenses work?

What Are Polarized Lenses (Sunglasses)?

Polarized lenses try to keep your vision clear by preventing strong glare from certain surfaces. Polarized lenses (sunglasses) are designed specifically to reduce glare caused by the reflection of sunlight from horizontal planes such as water, snow, flat roads, and car hoods. It is frequently used by fishermen and boaters to minimize or prevent glare reflected from water surfaces.

Nowadays, it has become extremely popular, especially among those who spend time outdoors, as people learn more about the various advantages of wearing sunglasses and polarized lenses. In this article, we will talk about how polarized glasses work and their typical usage areas.

How Do Polarized Lenses work?

In order to understand the working principle of polarized sunglasses, we need to know briefly about the reflection of light from flat and smooth surfaces. When light falls on a flat and smooth surface, the reflected light is directed, as usual, concentrated in horizontal planes without being scattered or scattered in all directions. These horizontally oriented light rays merge with each other and increase the intensity. This is experienced in an annoying way that is known as the glow of white and takes our eyes. Prolonged exposure to these light intensities can cause temporary blindness, which can be very dangerous in many situations.

Polarized sunglasses contain a film of a chemical compound coated on clear glass or plastic lenses. This film consists of small molecules aligned parallel to each other. This chemical film allows light rays of wavelengths that are not aligned with the particles of the filter to pass through. In other words, these glasses block high-intensity light rays from passing through, thus significantly reducing or even eliminating glare.

If the coating on the lenses is uniform, the molecules absorb (block) the content of all light intensities that match their alignment. Because glare is mostly caused by horizontally oriented light waves, this coating is designed to allow only vertically polarized light to pass through. With polarized sunglasses, the textures and shapes of objects become clearer regardless of glare. In this way, polarized lenses reduce the effect of glare. One of the disadvantages is that liquid crystal images (LCD screens) may not be visible when viewed from certain angles.

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The Differences between Normal and Polarized Lenses

The difference between normal lenses and polarized lenses is that all light intensities in the spectrum are reduced equally in normal ones; In polarized ones, only the intensity of light that causes glare is eliminated.

To understand that a pair of sunglasses is polarized or normal sunglasses, you need to focus on a reflective surface and turn slowly, and if the reflected light on the reflective surface you are looking at remains constant, that glasses are not polarized. If the light intensity from the reflective surface decreases at some angles, these glasses are polarized glasses.

Polarized Lenses Usage Areas

Polarized glasses are recommended for all outdoor activities. It is generally used in outdoor activities such as rowing, fishing, skiing, running, golf. It is also used to reduce glare from other vehicles in snowy weather or extreme sunny weather, especially while driving. In addition, it is recommended to be used for people who are sensitive to light after some eye surgeries, especially after cataract surgeries.

Polarized sunglasses are available in a wide variety of frame styles and lens colors. In addition, you can opt for prescription polarized lenses available in gray or brown. When purchasing polarized sunglasses, it is always recommended to choose one from a reliable brand, as low-quality sunglasses will not be effective in eliminating glare. In addition, ultraviolet light protection, tinting, anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings, etc. You need to check other additional features. Eye health is very important in many ways, and wearing polarized sunglasses can protect from many dangers, especially while driving.


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